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Success Stories

Before the Early Head Start program, I felt confused, sad, and frustrated because I thought that my son would not be able to develop as a normal child. Now I have realized that with a lot of work, love and effort, we can make it possible for my son to make progress and give him a better quality of life.

Teresa Chavez

After having our son, we made our goal to educate him from a very early age, and our goal has been accomplished with the help of the Early Head Start community which supported my son learning skills and has inspired me to educate myself, my family, and the world to bring positive changes in human society.

Krishna Rai

In our family we have faced so many problems just because we cannot speak English. We want to make sure our children go to college, and the Early Head Start Program helped our kids grow so much with speaking English and learning new things. The program inspires because it helps make someone’s life so much better and easier to live.

Hema Dulal

When my daughter cried, I did not know how to calm her down or what to do. DDI Vantage helped me a lot, because they taught me how to do new activities, set up goals and reach them, and look for activities to do every weekend. I am glad my daughter has learned through me learning how to help her in a positive way. 

Alejandra Galvez

DCFS gave us the idea of working with DDI Vantage. It helped my daughter learn to talk more and it got her to focus more. She’s completely ready for school and has grown a great deal since working with our Family Advocate.

Artemis O'Neal

I was a new mom to an infant with special needs, and I was overwhelmed at all I was feeling. Early Head Start helped us make goals and work on my son’s development in between well-child checks and supported his Early Intervention goals.

Blair Warren

I was feeling alone and not able to interact with my son. The Early Head Start program helped me to see that there are ways to get him to interact. He can learn and I feel confident. I learned how to have fun and introduce things to him in a different way.

D'Lyn Larsen

DDI Vantage's Early Head Start program showed us that goals can be achieved, and nothing is impossible. Our advocate helped the girls to become potty trained, talk and walk, and she helped me to become a better mother by writing a letter to help me to apply for a domestic violence visa. Having legal citizenship, I was able to get a job and move us into a better, safer home.

Genesis Cota

What Our Support Specialist Staff say

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Corey, AYS Support Specialist

I really enjoy working with AYS and being involved with individuals that have a zest for life is amazing and energizing. Working here is a spiritual  reset for me. I have a lot of strength to offer our clients. I think I have made an impact on our clients by helping them be more active and learning to enjoy life. 
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