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Adult & Youth Services 

Empowering adults and youth with disabilities to find greater quality of life and fulfilment of work

DDI Vantage empowers adults and youth with disabilities to find a greater quality of life and fulfillment in work, home life, and hobbies. The Adult and Youth Services programs are funded primarily through the Division of Services for People with Disabilities (DSPD) to provide services that help persons with disabilities strengthen their self-esteem through success and independence on the job, in the home, and in the community.

Our Adult and Youth Services include:

  • Supported Employment

  • Supported Job-Based Training

  • Supported Living

  • Family/Individual Training and Preparation

  • Respite

  • Personal Budget Assistance

  • Chore Service

  • Homemaker Service

DDI Vantage's trained staff is dedicated to helping each individual develop the skills necessary to succeed in every aspect of life and achieve a greater sense of self and quality of life.

Supported Employment For Employers

DDI Vantage Supported Employment enhances your company's human resources by providing employees to do the job and training them to do it the right way. Our staff of trained and experienced employment specialists work effectively with adults with disabilities, reducing the need for in-house training on your part. The specialists help assess the need for accommodations and can access other community resources that may be available at no cost to you or the employee.

AYS work.jpg


Provide dependable employees for your business or organization


Provide on-the-job training and ongoing support to facilitate a successful experience


Teach the worker approprite at-work behavior, personal hygiene, and social skills to help make the worker's relationship with co-worker a positive one


Assure the job will be completed to your satisfaction during and after the training method


Be available to answer your questions and to assist the worker  whenever necessary

Supported Employment For Clients

Our services begin with a personal interview to get to know you and what you want. Then we work with you, your family, case workers, employers, and other people that know you to:

Find a job for you that you can do and would like to do.

Prepare you for a job interview.

Help you learn about personal hygiene, proper social skills, and how to be a good worker.

Make sure you get help if you need it to do your job.

Teach you the job skills, schedules, and routines you need to do the job.

Make sure your job is the best one for you and help you change it if it is the best thing to do.

Make sure that your job always gets done right, even while you're learning it.

Supported Living

DDI Vantage Supported Living provides one-on-one hourly support, supervision, training and assistance for people with disabilities. Services are provided to help individuals live as independently as possible by strengthening their capacity for meaningful choice and personal control in their daily lives. Activities are designed to support individuals in nurturing relationships, encouraging personal involvement in the community, and achieving personal goals.


Services are tailored to meet the individual's needs and may include assistance and training in:

  • Personal health and safety.

  • Personal care.

  • Household organization and management.

  • Transportation to medical appointments and community events.

  • Shopping.

  • Money management and budgeting.

  • Social, self-help, adaptive, and compensatory skills

  • FRIDAY social hour! Clients get to spend time at Dolly's Donuts and mingle with other clients.

  • How can I get a FREE evaluation for my child?
    If you are concerned about the development of your infant or toddler or for more information about our services, contact a site listed below or submit a referral via this link :
  • Who qualifies for Early Intervention services?
    DDI Vantage Early Intervention program provides services for families of children under the age of 3 who have developmental delays and/or disabilities.
  • What happens in the first evaluation?
    Once you submit a referral, your case will be assigned to a Family Service Coordinator and you will contacted within 1-3 business days to schedule your first appointment
  • What to expect during the first appointment?
    The family service coordinator, registered nurse, and evaluator will come to your home to meet you and your child. They will complete an overall development test that looks like playing with your child, a health, hearing, and vision screener, and determine your child's eligibility.
  • How much does it cost to get an evaluation?
    Many services are free. We will provide a full developmental evaluation of your infant or toddler's development at NO cost to you. If your child qualifies for the program, you may be charged a nominal fee based on a sliding scale.
  • What services are available?
    FREE Developmental Evaluation Home Visits Group Activities
  • How much is Early Intervention services?
    If any immediate family members of your child receive WIC, Early Head Start, PCN, Medicaid, CHIP, or FEP/TANF, your monthly fee would be $0. If your family does not have any services, your monthly fee will be based on a reasonable sliding scale determined by the Utah State Legislature. You would look at the number of people in your family and your yearly income earned to determine your monthly fee. Once your child has been determined eligible you would complete an online billing and payment form and submit income information to determine your monthly fee. The fee is a one-time fee, based on how many services your child receives in a month.
  • What if I have more than one child in Early Intervention at a time?
    If you had a monthly payment, that payment is a one time a month payment and would not increase.
  • How do I make a payment?
    If you register online, then are you able to pay by credit card. If you complete a paper copy of your fee form, you will mail a check to Baby Watch and the address will be included in the bill.
  • How do I create my child's Online Billing Payment Account?
    You will be sent an email with your child's individualized account sign-up information and then go to. This will allow you to create your account and make payments with your credit card.
  • How do Early Head Start services differ from Early Intervention services?
    Early Intervention provides services for children with developmental delays or disabilities. Early Head Start provides services for children with or without delays or disabilities. Early Intervention services focus on the developmental needs of the eligible child, while Early Head Start services address the needs of the family unit as well as the eligible child's developmental needs.
  • How does Early Head Start differ from Head Start?
    Early Head Start serves eligible families with children under 3 years of age, and pregnant women. Head Start preschool serves primarily children who are 4 years of age, but children may be served at 3 years of age. Services provided in both programs must comply with the requirements of the Head Start Act and the Head Start Program Performances Standards (HSPPS), set by the federal government.
  • Why is my child not eligible to begin Early Head Start services after 30 months of age?
    Families transition out of Early Head Start services on the eligible child's third birthday. Because the transition process takes longer than six months, children referred after 30 months of age cannot begin Early Head Start services.
  • If my child has development delays or disabilities, may (s)he receive Early Head Start services and Early Intervention services at the same time?
    Yes. Early Head Start and Early Intervention carefully coordinate services to "dual-enrolled" developmentally delayed children to maximize each program's effectiveness and avoid duplication of services.

Contact Information

For more information about services available and what DDI Vantage can do for you, please contact us.

DDI Vantage, Inc.
Adult and Youth Services
670 East 3900 South Suite 210
Salt Lake City, Utah 84107
(801) 269-8108 (Main Office)
(801) 268-4001 (fax)

Felix Salazar, Program Coordinator,

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