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Children in Classroom

Empowering vulnerable children, adults and families to reach their full potential.

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DDI Vantage promotes and provides exemplary services to facilitate the development and independence of children, adults and families with special needs. Serving the community since 1971, DDI Vantage offers Early Intervention, Early Head Start and Child Care, and Adult and Youth Services programs.

Early Intervention

The DDI Vantage Early Intervention Program provides a full range of services for families of children under the age of three who have developmental delays and/or disabilities. Adapted to each individual child's needs and focused on minimizing the effects of the delay, the program works reduce the need for long term intervention throughout the child's school years. 

Early Head Start Home Based & Early Head Start Child Care Partnership

Early Head Start, a no cost program for low-income families, serves pregnant women, infants, and toddlers (ages 0-3) in two program options: Home-based and Child Care Partnerships. Through education and community collaboration, the program helps families promote healthy prenatal outcomes, identify and accomplish school readiness goals, and strengthen children's physical, social/emotional, and cognitive skills.

Adult & Youth Services

The Adult and Youth Services program promotes opportunities and provides support for persons with disabilities to lead self-determined lives. The program takes into account the personal needs, preferences, and abilities of each individual client. Services focus on strengthening clients' self-esteem through success and independence on the job, in the home, and in the community.

Nutrition Resources

The Nutrition Resource website's purpose is to create a library where you can access all the nutrition resources available to help grow healthy kids, families, and communities. Nicole Buhler, a Registered Dietitian, provides nutrition education and healthy eating tips, tricks, and recipes to hep create future healthier generations through good nutrition.

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